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What is Northern Home Watch Service?
Northern Michigan Home Watch protection Northern Home Watch Service (NHWS) is for residential and second home owners who spend extended time away from their Northern Michigan home. NHWS is in the business of providing residential property owners with three of the most precious commodities in today’s modern society – peace of mind, time and convenience. First, the basic service provides a home watch professional who routinely inspects your home to your requirements and secondly, NHWS will refer homeowners to prescreened Preferred Service Providers for problems that may arise during their absence, such as problems with plumbing, heating, electrical and storm damage.


Why use Northern Home Watch Service?
Most Northern Michigan seasonal vacation travelers worry about their homes when they are away for extended periods of time. What if something happens to the house or a service is needed while away? There is nothing more disheartening than showing up at your home and finding that things are in a shamble.

  • We verify and track our visits using remote wireless communication technology so you can instantly review the results through e-mail or on our website.
  • Our employees are bonded and insured providing you protection.
  • Help minimize damage from problems or failures. An undetected failure of your furnace can cause a great deal of damage.
  • You return to a house that is ready to enjoy.

Northern Home Watch Service is for those travelers who want to have someone look out for their Northern Michigan residential investment while they are away.


Current Service Area
We are always adding new service areas, and currently provide service in the following locations:

Boyne City
Central Lake
Clam River
East Jordan
Elk Rapids
Harbor Springs
Horton Bay
Rapid City
Torch River
Torch Village
Walloon Lake


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